Guild is Coming! Who?

2018-09-27 04:55:08

Gemstone certificate is the ID card of gemstones. With the advancement of synthetic techniques and treatment methods, a 10x loupe simply cannot bring you far enough in identification. Want to know if a celebrity has been “treated” by plastic surgery? A clinical check please - yes we are in such an era. Gemstones without a certificate? Sorry that’s not for a layman, sometimes not even for a veteran.

If you are a gemstone merchant, you must have encountered panic times desperately looking for a certificate. Scenario 1: a customer digs through your stock and finally finds something she is looking for. Oops it’s not paired with an international certificate. Where will your dear customer be after spending 1-2 months waiting for a lab to issue that certificate? Scenario 2: The seller is telling you that his Zambian emeralds are from Colombia. Scenario 3: If you send a batch of top-notch rubies for certificates, it's simply a nightmare for cash flow. Weeks or even months of waiting will drive you carzy.

Now what? An American lab - Guild Gem Laboratories has landed in Hong Kong! Not just they can issue a certificate in 7 working days but also you can choose to have an oral report! That truly saves you huge amount of time and money. The jewelers' pain goes away.

At this point you may ask. Wait… What exactly is Guild? Have I heard of that?

The founder of Guild, Mr. Charles Carmona (Photo taken in Los Angeles lab in 1990)

If you have ever been to Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, you definitely have seen this name. Guild has been exhibiting in AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) show for 35 consecutive years providing on-site gem identification; Guild has earned its fame by past 36 years' practice, by offering trusted, reliable services backed on the basis of solid academic and scientific reseach.

Guild Gem Laboratories was established in Los Angeles, 1980. The lab has been focusing on identification, origin determination and color grading of gemstones from the very beginning. The founder of Guild, Charles Carmona has travelled around the globe and vistited almost every important gemstone mining region forfield research and sampling. Professionalism, efficiency and quality service earned trust from the industry and collectors. The clients of Guild range from international institutes, governmental organizations, universities, important gem dealers to Hollywood’s “A-list” celebrities. Frontline and field experience, continuously growing database as well as quality service all contribute towards his reputation.

As a World Bank specialist, Charles Carmona has spent years to support Madagascarand Tanzania establishing national gemological institutes in the last decade. More than a mere gemologist, Guild also dedicated itself to gemological education, developments and upgrades of gem industry in gem origins.

With a year-long preparation and internal testing, the Guild Gem Laboratories (Hong Kong) now goes online and ready to serve. The advantages?

1. Seven working days for a certificate, with oral report available. 

Equipped with huge amount of sample data, advanced testing instruments, streamlined workflow, experienced gemologists and specially optimized printing processes, Guild guarantees its services to be highly professional yet efficient. While other international laboratories offer testing services with turn around time of 1 month or even more, 7 working days save the client weeks of time. At the same time Guild provides oral reports at lower costs.

2. Services for gemstones below 1 carat at a lower fee

Smaller stones usually mean lower value. Dealers generally do not certify them due to acomparatively high fee. Guild now provides services for gemstones below 1 carat at a lower fee for the convenience of customers.

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Grand opening brings grand welcome offers? Right!

From today to 12 Dec 2016 12:00 noon, all testing appointments made on WeChat enjoy a 50 % discount on service fee!

Want to understand your gemstones? Start with Guild.

Guild, Know Your Gems!

Address of GUILDGem Laboratories (HK) : Rm 703, China building, 29 Queen'sRoad Central, HONG KONG

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